Little Athletics Noosa

No Alcohol Policy

Little Athletics Noosa has a No Alcohol Policy, endorsed by Little Athletics Queensland, which applies to all competition nights, training sessions and events hosted by Little Athletics Noosa at the Girraween Sports Complex.

  • Never arrive at a Little Athletics competition night, training session or event under the influence of alcohol.
  • Under no circumstances is alcohol permitted onto, or to be consumed on the premises during a Little Athletics competition night, training session or event.

Little Athletics Queensland is aware that alcohol, when misused, can cause harm to the drinker and others. This Alcohol Policy has been adopted to reduce the risks and avoid potential problems.

For the purposes of this policy, ‘activity’ includes competitions, carnivals and championships, coaching events/activities, education clinics and school events/activities. It does not include social activities conducted away from competition or coaching venues.

Little Athletics Queensland has a zero tolerance on the consumption of alcohol during any sanctioned event. There will be no sale or consumption of alcohol during the conduct of any Little Athletics activity.

The Little Athletics Queensland Board of Directors shall deem the consumption of alcohol during competitions or activities a breach of the Little Athletics Queensland Code of Behaviour and is subject to disciplinary action.

Where alcohol is consumed at a Little Athletics function, the following measures will be taken:

  • Alcohol will not be served to minors.
  • Alcohol will not be served to any person who is intoxicated.
  • Low alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks will be available.
  • Food options will be available when alcohol is served.
  • Persons who have been drinking will be encouraged to use safe transport options.

Anyone wishing to discuss any aspect of this policy is invited to contact the Little Athletics Queensland Chief Executive Officer by phone on 07 3255 9436 or by email to